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Health and Environment Department
22-24 Worple Road
SW19 4DD

+44 (0) 181 947 3131
+44 (0) 181 944 6552
Contact Name
Information Officer
Health and Safety Publications
Health and Safety Training
Trades Union

GMB's Health and Environment Department overall objective is to support the recruitment of new GMB members and the development of preventative measures at workplaces where GMB members are employed. The Department therefore motivates and responds to various people and organisations both internal and external to GMB. These include:

  • internal GMB staff and officials
  • Dealing with enquiries from the Regions providing research, advice, support, including mailouts, production of bulletins etc.
  • Liaising with:
    • the Education and Training Department over GMB's health, safety and environmental training programmes
    • the TUC over draft Regulations, guidance and advice
    • the Health and Safety Executive and HSC Industry Advisory Committees
  • Advisory and lobbying:
    • Ministers, Members of UK and European Parliaments, and other organisations such as the ILO